Kissables Persians., located in South Eastern Washington State,  began as a love for Persians - my first contact was with my aunt's Himalayans and from that moment on I was smitten. I bought my first Persian when I was 12 years old and attended my first cat show at 13 in Hawaii.

I started breeding at a young age, under a different cattery name,  and though I did have some nice kittens in those days, I pet them out because I did not have the time, or support from friends and family, for showing. I believe if you are going to breed, then you need to be showing also.

I bred off and on for the next few years until 1996, when I became a stay at home mom and realized I now had the time to give my hobby all it deserved. That was when I decided to focus on bicolors exclusively and the cattery name, "Kissables," was born. I purchased Ch Tehy Chesshire Grin of Kissables, aka "Chess," a red and white male. He quickly became the core of my current breeding program and he can be found in many of my pedigrees today. I also have to mention GC Cattabury Armanti of Marual, who is my "other side" of the foundation and his look and type have been a tremendous play in the "Kissables look." A very special thank you to Dena Gustaf for sharing this fine and loving male with me for a breeding season. His impact I still see today, generations away.

After I purchased Chess, I became more active in showing and breeding and have made some very good friends.   I owe so much to so many of my breeder friends for their constant support and friendship - and a most very special thank you to my mother, Priscilla Yamada,  who has been so supportive of the cats and takes care of my boys when I am away at shows. Without the help and support of these exceptional people I would not be in cats today.  They are all very special to me, each in different ways, and have added so much richness and friendship to my life and I love and cherish them all. 

I retired Chess at an early age and  his son, GC Kissables Calvin Klein, Founder of Kissables, Susannah Pincheira with two grand littermates, Calvin & Wrangler(pictured on right with his litter brother on left, GP Kissables Wrangler of Chubbies) has produced beyond my wildest dreams and is an exceptional cat that I am proud to have my name on.  At the time of this writing, he has sired 14 grand champions I enjoy showing and granding cats, and strive to produce consistent grand champion or better quality in my kittens, including DM's.

I have been blessed to bring in wonderful outcrosses to blend in with what I consider "my bloodlines" (the Calvin/Armanti foundation). Bringing in new outcrosses to blend with my foundation is exciting and offers more facets to breeding.   Breeding is a constant goal and since there is no such thing as "a perfect Persian" I will probably be at this awhile. <wink>

- Susannah Pincheira


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