GC Kissables Once In A Blue Moon

"Moony" has been loved, pampered, spoiled and running the house with David&David at Danzon Persians. He is in amazingly impeccable condition with a coat that floats like butter. He has tremendous width in body, is very short, large boned and has an equally large head. He has amazing eye color with large round eyes that are very wide spaced, and Judges continue to comment on his eye color and size. He has a fabulous head, there is nothing to fault this lovely boy. He will be ready to leave for his new home after he completes hs Grand Championship which should not be long! He is also starting to smell like a boy, tho he doesn't spray. Danzon Persians continues to do an amazing job in conditioning and showing of this lovely boy. He would be a wise choice if someone wanted something spectacular to continue showing further. He is just that nice. ;-)

"Moony" granded in 10 rings with 230 points. He entered the show as an open and came home a GRAND CHAMPION! Thank you David Lewis for your amazing conditioning  on Moony and raising him to be such a sweet and loving boy.


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