Ch Tehy Chesshire Grin of Kissables

Classic Red Tabby and White (Grand Pointed)
Born 4/96


Chess is a massively muscular cat with huge boning. His weight is solid muscle.  He is as wide in the back as in the chest. He has huge, brilliant copper eyes that contribute to his wide, open expression. His head is wide and large. He has a typical "Tehy" look. He carries a fabulous coat, with lots of body, length and wonderful tabby color. Chess was very much a momma's boy (which doesn't always make for a good stud) but I would not have had him any other way. Chess was an easily grandable boy but did not enjoy the shows and was pulled after he was already grand pointed. Fortunately, his children enjoy showing. Though now retired, he was a perfect foundation male with all the qualities and more, that I desired in a foundation male.

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