GC Cattabury Armanti of Maraul

Cream tabby and white male pictured @ 9 months


I had the privelege of leasing "Armanti" from his owner, Dena Gustaf, for one breeding season in 1999. Armanti turned out to be the foundation for my tabby bicolor program, for which I will always be grateful to Dena and Armanti for giving me such a strong start. 

He proved himself to be a reliable stud and a cherished housepet, and I was very sorry when it was time for him to leave my home. He is a massive male with an incredibly huge head, (Armanti even scared some of our houseguests - several of our friends did not believe that a cat could actually be that size! And he *was* intensely huge). He had these large, luminous eyes that just sparkled,  low set ears and a pink little button nose. But more than anything else, he was a love that had the sweetest face in the world.   

I now have two beautiful Armanti daughters, GC Kissables Glory Haileylujah and Kissables Hallekalea, DM, thank you Armanti!  These two girls have proven to be wonderful producers and Armanti's legacy lives on in my breeding program. Tho he has left my home, he has not left my heart....Armanti will always be remembered for my strong tabby bicolor start, and for being a very special and loved family housecat who was from a very special friend -  thank you Dena for my time with Armanti.

- Susannah Pincheira


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