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A word about "dollface or teacup" Persians

First, there is no such thing as a 'Teacup'... this is a marketing tool used by unscrupulous breeders.  The fact is that the majority of female Persians only weigh between 6 to 8 lbs when full grown, and most males will top out from 8 to 12 lbs... they are not a large breed.  Generally a kitten that is smaller than that when grown has serious health issues that can very well cost the unsuspecting owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars of vet care.  And no one can truthfully predict how big a kitten can be when full grown; some of the biggest when born can turn out to be normal while small kittens can go through a growth spurt and end up being the biggest.

As for 'Dollface', this is not a kitten that meets breed standards and is considered to be pet quality.  The top of the nose leather on a Persian should be somewhere in the middle third of the pupil of the eye.  Don't get me wrong, every breeder will occasionally get a kitten that is a throwback and has a longer/lower nose.  While we are all very happy to find a great pet home for those babies, it is not a kitten that a good, responsible breeder will use in their program as that is not a desirable trait.  Yes, you will find lots of people out there producing the 'dollface' and they are generally charging far more than a reputable breeder would for the same kitten... they like to make out that these kittens are something 'rare' and 'desirable' when in actual fact it is just the opposite.

If you would like to know more about the standard of the breed,  you can always go to
http://www.cfa.org/documents/standards/persian.pdf and you will find descriptions there of what a Persian should look like. ~ Author, Nancy Terrault/Moppetland Persians


Read below to understand why breeders are insistent on spay/neuter contracts, thank you.

"Come quick, come quick", their mother said "The time is getting near" She feels that when the kittens come the children should be here.

She told them that a big orange Tom took "Kitty" as his wife "It's wonderful, a gift from God, the miracle of life."

At half a year young "Kitty" feels too painful and too scared to appreciate six miracles, blind-eyed and yellow haired.

But she knows these lives depend on her and nature tells her how and as she cleans them, children ask "Mom, can we go now?"

But now and then for six more weeks the children visit her to play with six new magic toys made of life and fur.

 The six weeks pass, the newness gone and new homes yet unfound, Mom bundles up six miracles and takes them to the pound, 

Where lovingly, with gentle hands and no tears left to cry, the shelter workers kiss them once and take them off to die.

And "Momma Kitty" now she's called mourns her loss and then, She's put outside, and of course, she's pregnant once again.

Dad tells "Kitty" STOP THIS NOW or you wont live here long! but deep inside of Momma Cat, this time something's wrong.

Too young, too small, too often bred now nature's gone awry, Momma Kitty feels it too and she crawls off to die.

 She too is freed from this cruel world, and from her time of strife. How harsh the truth, how high the price this "Miracle of Life"?

-By Barry Taylor, DVM

All deposits are accepted in good faith as you are committing yourself to that kitten and I am considering the kitten reserved and turning away other potential buyers. PLEASE NOTE: All deposits are non-refundable.


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