Kissables Persians Sale Contract

This contract is for the sale of (color and sex)  born on (b-date.

Sale price of: $500, pet price, kitten being sold without breeding rights/papers.
Buyer Name:
Buyer Address:
Buyer Telephone:  
Buyer’s Email:
Seller: Susannah Pincheira, founder of Kissables Persians, who resides at, (address), telephone number of: (insert),, hereby referred to as seller.

1. I accept full responsibility for this kitten and providing properly for its welfare. I understood that this is a live animal and is not considered to be a perfect creature by any definitions. This kitten will always receive prompt medical care, and seller is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses incurred on behalf of this cat.  This kitten will never be allowed to harbor fleas, parasites of any kind, mites of any kind, or go untreated with an illness. This kitten will never be allowed to roam outdoors unattended.
2. I will
never to declaw this kitten and understands that declawing is a cruelty and likely to alter the kitten's temperament.
3. I agree to provide companionship for this kitten, never leaving it alone for extended periods of time without human attention, or caging the kitten for more than 8 hours per day.
4. Above kitten is being sold as pet quality without breeding rights and it is understood and agreed that kitten will be neutered/spayed before its 6-month birthday. A veterinarian certificate of neutering/spaying will be mailed to seller immediately after said kitten has been neutered/spayed.  If cat is found to have been bred, all offspring and the cat shall be immediately furnished to seller, at buyer’s expense, and addition, a $1000 damages fee will be owed to seller from buyer. If this contract is litigated, it shall be litigated in
Franklin County, Pasco, Washington State. The buyer agrees to pay all court costs if this contract is litigated, and that any suit shall be tried in the seller's state and under seller's state law (Washington State, Franklin County)
5. If I no longer wish to keep kitten, I agree to offer seller first refusal to have the kitten back for shipping costs only, which will be the responsibility of seller, Susannah Pincheira. If seller declines, then I agree to have kitten altered immediately and will this kitten is placed in a suitable, loving and clean pet home for the remainder of its lifetime.
6. I understand that the seller warrants this kitten is from a clean cattery free of diseases and all vaccinations are up-to-date.  The seller warrants that this kitten is genetically sound to the best of seller's knowledge. I agree not to administer the feline leukemia or FIP vaccine to kitten, understanding these vaccines may cause harm to kitten's health and these 2 stated vaccinations will null and void the 1-year health guarantee from seller.
7. I have 72 hours to return kitten.  Shipping cost is my responsibility.  If kitten is not returned w/i 72 hours it is understood that I am pleased with my kitten.  If kitten is returned, the next available kitten of equal will be offered as replacement. No cash refunds will be given.  Prior to any replacement animal being made, all papers issued with this animal must be returned, properly signed, transferring ownership back to the seller. It is recommended to isolate all incoming kittens and purchaser agrees to isolate this kitten for at least one month before introduction to its other cats.
If at any time this kitten is found to be in an unfit, animal-hoarding or abusive condition, to be determined by seller, the seller reserves the legal right to remove the animal from the premises, and myself or my agent will surrender kitten and all appropriate CFA registration papers and any other papers pertaining to kitten, to the seller, or to the seller's designated agent, immediately, unconditionally and without compensation. I further agree that if I am suspended, temporarily or permanently from CFA or any other cat-registry-association for any reason, I must surrender kitten back to seller under the above terms and conditions as well.

Signed: Buyer & Date:
Signed: Seller & Date:
Susannah Pincheira