GC Kissables A Friend Like Terry

red tabby van male


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GC Kissables Calvin Klein


GC Kissables Glory Haileylujah


Ch Tehy Chesshire Grin of Kissables
1140-1076810, Apr/10/1996
red tabby bicolor
GC Kissables Calvin Klein, 1108-1226898
Aug/06/1998, black and white
| |
| Ch Oresta Silver Lining of Parti Wai
| 1107-1122743, blue and white
M, GC Kissables A Friend Like Terry, Aug/08/2000
red tabby van
| GC Cattabury Armanti of Maraul
| 1114-1098014, cream tabby bicolor
| |
GC Kissables Glory Haileylujah, 1187-1278121
brown patched tabby genetic van
Maraul's Corala of Kissables, DM
black van
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