GC Kissables Red Robin

red tabby bicolor (genetic van) born 5/2002



Ch Kuntry Music Lightnin Strikes of Kissabless


GC Chubbies My Bessie of Kissables

Robin is the only kitten that I kept from the 2002 breeding season. I initially kept her for her exceptional head and type but she surprised me by growing into so much more.  She is very heavy and solid and a very cobby girl.  She has long and silky coat with a classic tabby pattern and very rich, dark mahogany color.  She has the most exceptional head, with rolled forward doming  that is just as full from ear to ear. Her eyes are a shimmering orange copper and she does pass this on to her kittens.  She has wonderful symmetry of her head, being that all 4 head quadrants are even in size and spacing.  She has a very short and tight nose with round nostrils. She is one of my best put together girls. Robin granded in 2 shows, with some very high competition.




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