Parti Wai Jazzman of Kissables

blue and white male


Jazz became a grand champion at almost 4 years of age.

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Jazz is the father of:

GC Kissables Like Manna From Heaven
GC RW Kissables Promise of Rhamjoge
GC Kissables Sampson of Crystal Pond
GC Kissables Angus of Horatio
GC Kissables Kissantell


Ch Purdy Katz, red and white
GC Magratheas Spiritwalker, DM, 1140-1263161
red and white
| |
| Granddelights Amber of Magratheas
| cream and white van
M, Parti Wai Jazzman of Kissables, 1106-1469142
Jul/01/2002, blue and white
| Ch Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai, DM
| blue and white van
| |
GC Parti Wai Grace, DM, 1309-1341617
black and white van
GC Parti Wai Easter Bonnet, DM, calico
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