Kissables Hallekalea, DM

blue patched bicolor born 10/99


GC RW Luvlypurr's Bullwinkle of Cattabury
1150-976155, blue tabby bicolor
GC Cattabury Armanti of Maraul, 1114-1098014
cream tabby bicolor
| |
| Ch Catillak Color Me Happy of Cattabury
| 1195-943903, dilute calico
F, Kissables Hallekalea, DM, 1189-1319718
blue patched tabby bicolor
| Ch Frenchats Nimbus of Parti Wai, DM
| 1306-1027578, blue and white van
| |
GC Parti Wai Viviena of Kissables, 1107-1202037
Mar/20/1998, blue and white
Ch Oresta Silver Lining of Parti Wai
1107-1122743, blue and white
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  Halle is the mother of:

GRC Kissables Trey
GRP Kissables Donovan
GRC Kissables Sonora of Maraul
GRP Kissables Uri
GRC RW Kissables Cozette