GC Kissables Cozette

blue patched tabby bicolor

"Cozette" is now spayed and lives with us, where she will remain forever.

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 - 13th Best Kitten in the NW Region, 2001 - 2002 Show Season -



GC Kissables Calvin Klein


Kissables Hallekalea, DM

Ch Tehy Chesshire Grin of Kissables
1140-1076810, Apr/10/1996
red tabby bicolor
GC Kissables Calvin Klein, 1108-1226898
Aug/06/1998, black and white
| |
| Ch Oresta Silver Lining of Parti Wai
| 1107-1122743, blue and white
F, GC RW Kissables Cozette
blue patched tabby bicolor
| GC Cattabury Armanti of Maraul
| 1114-1098014, cream tabby bicolor
| |
Kissables Hallekalea, DM, 1189-1319718
blue patched tabby bicolor
GC Parti Wai Viviena of Kissables
1107-1202037, Mar/20/1998, blue and white
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Highest Scoring Kitten in Show her first two shows!

Second highest scoring kitten in show her third show! (Cozette tied for second with a friend of mine's lovely Oriental Shorthair)

Her fourth show, at the Del Mar, CA show - there were many nice campaigner kittens there. Cozette was 4th highest scoring kitten. Thank you to Penni Richter for showing her so well and caring for her so lovingly.

Her fifth show, 2nd highest scoring kitten in show!

Cozette attained 13th Best Kitten in the NW Region and went on to become a two show grand.

Cozette has had:

* 12 Best Kittens  *
8 2nd Best Kittens
2 3rd Best Kittens
2 4th Best Kittens
1 5th Best Kitten
3 6th Best Kittens
5 7th Best Kittens

Thank you to the following judges for her

Best Kitten Award:

Kim Everett, Bill Lee, Norma Placchi, Betty Denny, Leslie Falteisek, Bob Salisbury, Brian Moser,  Pam Moser, Jim Thompson, Becky Orlando


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