GC Kissables Calvin Klein 

black & white male born 08/98


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Calvin is sire of 14 Grands:

GC Kissables Teddy Bear of Versace
GP Cleopatra Mustapha
GC Cleopatra Cyrus
GC Cleopatra Amun
GC Cleopatra Kacsba
GC Cleopatra Reggie of Katzenfur
GC In Style My Blue Heaven of Phyxius
GC Chubbies Samual of Parti Wai
GC In Style La Tosca
GC RW Kissables Cozette
GC Kissables Sonora of Maraul
GP Kissables Uri
GC Kissables A Friend Like Terry
GC Chubbies My Bessie of Kissables


GC Bolo's Tumbleweed of Tehy, 1140-847013
Feb/11/1993, red tabby and white
Ch Tehy Chesshire Grin of Kissables
1140-1076810, Apr/10/1996, red tabby bicolor
| |
| Bolo Tabitha, DM, 0141-803570, Aug/06/1998
| red
M, GC Kissables Calvin Klein, 1108-1226898
Aug/06/1998, black and white
| Bolo's Scooter John of Oresta, 1106-837790
| Jan/13/1993, blue and white
| |
Ch Oresta Silver Lining of Parti Wai
1107-1122743, blue and white
Oresta's Leeza of Parti Toi, 0119-966086
Jul/29/1994, dilute calico
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